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HTET November 2011-12 Question paper (JBT)

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Friends today i have latest information about HTEH November 2011 Exam papers. I know lot of candidates are waiting For these question papers. today i have published HTET Primary Level exam Question Paper . These are all questions are related to Child Development And Pedagogy  portion . These all questions are  not yet published on any site . friend I will  provide you all other questions with answer of this exam paper in next post.
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21.  A good teacher is one who ?
(A) Causes desired behavioral change in the learner
(B) Transmits knowledge verbally
(C) narrates information
(D) transmits curriculum
Ans : (A)
22. Teaching is a process of ?
(A) transmitting knowledge by the teacher to learner 
(B) directing learning 
(C) giving instructions 
(D) Facilitating of teaching learning  
Ans : (A)
23. ink blot test of personality is ? 
(A) a subjective test 
(B) an objective test
(C) a projective test
(D) none of the above
Ans : (C)
24. A students development depends on ?
(A) heredity 
(B) environment 
(C) heredity & environment 
(D)  none of the above
Ans : (C)
25. There are two main objectives of education ?
(A) to instill subject knowledge in children and to cause mental development of the children 
(B) to provide subject knowledge and prepare for exam 
(C)  to provide subject knowledge and help in memorization 
(D)   to provide subject knowledge and develop vocational skill
Ans : (D)
26. Children of 6-11 years age group have following characteristics ? 
(A) Natural and active learners
(B) Depends on teacher for learning 
(C) children receive knowledge from teachers 
(D) children are not interested in learning 
Ans : (C)
27.  I.Q. of talented child is ? 
(A) 130
(B) 140
(C) 125
(D) 120
Ans : (B)
28. In Indian primary education system is laying emphasis on ?
(A) developing understanding
(B) Strengthening spiritual aspects 
(C) developing critical thinking 
(D) Encouraging role learning 
Ans : (A)
(A) Teacher centered
(B) text book centered
(C) student centered
(D) teacher and text book centered
Ans : (C)
30. children of 6-11 years age group need ?
(A) Democratic environment in the class room 
(B) Autonomy in learning 
(C) activity based interactive learning 
(D) All the above
Ans : (D)

Note - All these questions are my own property and all Answers of question are given by our export team. but if you have any doubt about the question you share to us in our comment box and share your quires. Thanks

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